Oct 6, 2009


Ironic isn't it, that the title is September and I haven't written anything all last month. And that this is now October.
Sorry I haven't been posting. Here's what I've been doing since August 24:
VBS days 2-5
Learning a lot about purity
Getting stronger in my faith
Starting school
Struggling with Geometry,Writing and Grammar, Biology, World History, and Spanish 1
Watching the Clone Wars Season 3 Premier(which was awesome by the way!)
Getting fish tank set up
Getting two new goldfish and almost $40 worth of equipment
Writing this post

And now that brings us to the present: now!

And now to the future. This Wednesday thru Monday, some friends of mine from Ohio, will be staying at my house. And while the adults are making applesauce I'll be having the time of my life goofing off.... I mean helping them! :)
I'm not dead... yet.


HIS daughter said...

Well welcome back ;) I am glad you are not dead...yet...lol :-p Sounds like you have been busy but having fun (well not school of course hehe).
Praying for you :)

God's Student said...

I can't say anything about you not posting in a long time since I just updated my blog after "taking a break" since September 1st.