Aug 24, 2009

Polar Xtremes Day #0 and #1

So Sunday night the ministry team from Watkins Glen came over to the parsonage. Let me see if I can remember all the names.
  • Joel
  • Jonathan
  • Elizabeth
  • Evilyn
  • Christine
  • Joe
  • Peter
  • Pastor Jeremy and his wife, Melody

So we had pizza and Mt. Dew and hung out and debreifed until 10PM. That was day #0. Day #1 we got up and had breakfast at 7:30. By 8:15 we were on our way to church. My job in VBS is I am the Tech boy. Powerpoint,CD player, videos, and picture taking. So I don't really belong to a group,but then again, I kind of belong to all the groups! So I took pictures and did PP and stuff and then at noon everybody had lunch. And my Dad debreifed and there were a lot of uncomfortable pauses and eventually they had to go home. But they will be back tomorrow to do puppets and the other stuff they do. I can't wait!

Aug 22, 2009

Lamoka Family Camp III

Here's the run down of my week at Camp Lamoka...

  • So my family and I were in cabin #8 and 9. There were only 8 families,but that was cool,because there wasn't as much wait for anything.
  • Monday night Chip Wood did a diagram on what faith is. He said it was, Hope in Hardship, Emptied of Everything, Walk Willing, Action Attitude, and Yeild to Yeild. If you take the first letters and put them backwards it spells YAWEH. Pretty cool!
  • Tuesday evening there was a ginormous thunderstorm. I was on the porch of the dining hall and I watched as the other shore disappeared. In 30 seconds the rain hit the camp. I was standing in the middle of the porch three feet away from the edge of the roof and I was still soaked. The wind was so strong it was hard to open the door to get into the dining hall. It reminded me of how powerful God is!
  • Wednesday my dad was the speaker for the day! He did two of the Mete Pete sermons, one of which I hadn't heard. So that was cool.
  • I'm a pretty good canoer(that's French for a person who goes canoeing). But I've never been to the end of Lamoka Lake. So my dad and I took out the camp canoe and went to the donut hole. (The donut hole used to be a sluice pipe that connected Waneta and Lamoka Lake. The pipe however has been replaced by a connector under a bridge.) So to get to the connector you have to paddle two miles. Needless to say when we got there I was pooped. And for a change of pace I said, "Dad? Could I steer?" Little did I know. So thirty five minutes later after making several 360 turns and runing into the banks once or twice we made it back. So I paddled 4 miles (roughly) in about an hour. Pretty fun.
  • Thursday I made a prediction that it would rain by 3 PM. And it did almost right to the minute. I guess I'm physic.
  • Friday Mr. Wood showed this awesome video from the Creation Museum about the universe and the stars. It was so humbling. I've never felt so insignificant. God is so big, super strong, and way mighty. There totally isn't anything he can't do!

And that is what I did at Camp Lamoka!

Aug 17, 2009

Off to Camp!

Hey everybody! I'm off to Camp Lamoka! (Which by the way, is just about the coolest place on earth!) I'll be sure to give you all a full report when I get back! See ya!

Aug 10, 2009

Red-Eyed Tree Frog Rescue

Hey everyone! Your Go Diego Go critic is back! I was watching yet another Go Diego Go episode and I noticed some things:

  1. So there is this camera named "Click"(I think that is a pretty pathetic name.). She can zoom in on something that is like a mile away. This obviously isn't a camera that you can pick up at Walmart. I seriously doubt that Diego is like Jules Verne and is ahead of his time.

  2. Click uses sound recognition. So one of the targets they zoom in on is whales. They don't make sounds like red-eyed tree frogs(the creatures in question). But the thing that gets to me is that the whales are floating with 3/4 of their body above water. Totally unscientific!

  3. Alicia(Diego's sister and partner in rescuing) has a funky keyboard where there aren't letters,but odd symbols. Maybe it's a Korean keyboard or something.

  4. Diego has an awesome zip line system that takes him to just about anywhere in the jungle. I think this is awesome,yet a little absurd.

  5. There is this "mud pit" that looks a lot like a stagnant muddy river. The pit also is seemingly endless and has no vanishing point.

  6. Diego communicates with animals using sounds. Ex. Diego wants to communicate with a pig. He says "Oink!"

  7. There are these palm trees that Diego must pass. They are doing the cha-cha-cha and dropping coconuts in the process. This is mildly disturbing(the fact that trees wiggle their "hips" and shake their "bottoms").

  8. The coconuts that the trees drop are ginormous. They are about the size of one of those yoga/exercise balls. And considering the size of the trees to their coconuts they are way too unporportional.

  9. To enter a Mayan pyramid Diego climbs like a ninja up the side instead of using the stairs that are probably right around the corner.

  10. Inside this pyramid there are owls and trees. First off the trees wouldn't be able to grow without sunlight. Secondly, there are tons of other places for owls to roost.

  11. Diego has this cool pal named "Rescuepack". Rescuepack's theme song is cooler than Diego's. (Doesn't seem fair does it?) And during the theme song he is shaking his rear around. Is this the kind of thing we want to be teaching young impressionable kids? To shake their rears while singing?

  12. Diego is rafting down the river and he stops mid current. This might be achievable if Diego had his paddle in the water. But he doesn't. This completely defies the laws of physics!

  13. After the tree frogs are rescued they are so happy that they kiss Diego! Unless you know something I don't I'm pretty sure that frogs can't pucker up.

  14. The tree frogs are in the trees and are so happy that they jump apoximately 4-5 feet in the air. I'm quite sure they can't jump that high.

There are many other problems with Go Diego Go, but for time's sake I have excluded them. I hope you now see the error of the show as I have seen the error. Thank you.