Sep 30, 2010

Colonial Heroes and Villains

Sorry, about not posting in forever. Facebook has become the new form of communication, and school has become life. But as I am doing my history, I have come to find heroes and people that I really loathe. Let's start with the people I like.

  • Francis Drake: The guy is Elisabeth's cousin, and a privateer. He pretty much got paid to be a pirate and he whomped the Spanish Armada. And if that wasn't enough after successfully circumnavigating the globe, he made a 4600% profit for England. To say he was cool, doesn't begin to describe him. He was majorly epic!
  • Captain John Smith: Not the guy who married Pocahontas, but another Captain with a huge beard. He did what had to be done in Jamestown, by rationing food. The section of time where times were hard was called "the starving time". He cracked down on these unruly bums from England, and pretty much saved the colony. Everyone pretty much hated him for it, but in the end he was a hero.
  • Ben Franklin: Mostly for his writing of Poor Richard's Almanac. He wrote sayings like: "Well done is better than well said." and "Lost time is never found again." and "Haste makes waste." and "Glass, China, and Reputation are easily crack'd , and never well mended." and "Three can keep a secret if one of them is dead." Pretty good stuff.
  • The Laughing Club: Need I say more…

Now onto the people I really loathe:

  • Cortes: That guy can't follow orders. Anakin Skywalker can't follow orders either, but he's still likeable. Cortes however, is also greedy. After Montezuma being the good king that he is gives them gifts that would have been worth a lot back home, Cortes gets the idea to go get more loot, disobeying the governor's orders to just explore. Cortes destroys the Aztecs and gets super rich. Fat lot of good it did him when he died. I could keep complaining, but he's dead, and so complaining isn't going to help.
  • Anne Hutchinson: I'm so glad for Puritans. This lady's group started out by talking about the pastor's sermons on Monday Morning. But eventually she started saying that she had messages from God that superseded what was said in the Bible, and that you didn't need to be obedient to have a right relationship with God(a belief called Antinomianism). The Puritans kicked her out of the Mass. Bay Colony(this is why I really like Puritans) and she started her own colony which turned into Rhode Island. Needless to say I really despise her.
  • Peter Stuyvesant: The Governor of New Netherland(AKA New York) dared to say that he didn't give two rips about "the opinions of a few ignorant settlers"(that is a quote). He had a peg leg and a pot belly and was as mean as the day is long. And when the English come to take New Netherland over, he's surprised when no one fires a single shot. Yeah, they hated him as much as I do.
  • Tatooba: This West Indian Voodoo witch was the start of the Salem Witch Trials. In case you didn't know she was responsible for the seizures of three young girls and the death of dozens of innocent people. It's a good thing that she got killed too otherwise I would go nuts.